Mandy Kaplan

Breaking News in Yuba County Member Bonus Episode

February 15, 2021

Critics are tearing Tate Taylor’s new movie _Breaking News in Yuba County_ to pieces, but is it really that bad? And if it _is_ that bad, is there anything redeeming about it? Is this a cult film in the making or just another film to quickly forget? The Film Board convenes to talk about this new film in a member bonus episode!

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2021-02-06 • Saturday Matinée

February 8, 2021

The Golden Globes are here. Mandy “can’t wait” for a Buck Rogers reboot. Here comes a show about talking boobs. The box office is shrinking. Plus three great new trailers, Rob’s musings on the cosmic importance of ‘Groundhog Day’, and a list of films about punching animals!

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January 31, 2021

Does ‘Palmer’ manage to be more than a really good Lifetime movie or is it just that? How great are Justin Timberlake and the third grader Ryder Allen in this film? And does director Fisher Stevens create a universal story that can help people understand gender nonconformity? Tune in!

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2021-01-16 • Saturday Matinée

January 18, 2021

Sex and the City Reboot. Bruce Willis in Die Hard 6. Many Saints of Newark Delayed to Fall 2021. Netflix’s next move in the streaming wars. Plus, a trio of tempting trailers and a list of luscious liquids!

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Wonder Woman 1984

December 29, 2020

Wonder Woman 1984 broke the seal on Warner’s year of day and date releases, giving us the return of Gal Gadot in full armor, and Mando out of his. But how well does the movie hold up in Patty Jenkins’ sophomore DC outing? The Film Board Gathers to hash it out!

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2020-12-19 • Saturday Matinée

December 19, 2020

Tom Cruise screams at crew over COVID. Theaters considering slashing WB’s ticket prices. Shifting talent deals due to the pandemic. Plus three great trailers and a list of movies capitalizing on fake history!

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2020-11-21 • Saturday Matinée

November 21, 2020

Wonder Woman’s debuting on HBO Max and in theaters on Christmas day. Tenet’s getting its digital release. Netflix is grabbing everyone. And when will all of these streaming services figure out how to create a customer-friendly interface? Plus trailers, the Holi-date elimination challenge, and our battle of lists about leaders butting heads!

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2020-10-31 • Saturday Matinée

November 2, 2020

Ted Lasso gets an early season 3 renewal. Commentary incoming on HBO, tv+, and Jon Stewart. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm Trickiness. Plus, trailers and a list of movies that’ll have you holding your breath, and Tommy and Mandy Review Marvel!

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2020-10-10 • Saturday Matinée

October 12, 2020

Oscars let the streamers run free at awards season. James McAvoy in the dark as he improves through ‘My Son’. Musicals on deck for feature film treatment. Theaters at risk thanks to James Bond and Patty Jenkins shares the fear. Star Wars: The High Republic … will 200 years pre-Skywalker be pre-Skywalker enough?

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2020-09-26 • Saturday Matinée

September 28, 2020

Michael B. Jordan being sought for Scarface remake. Fantastic Beasts 3 has resumed shooting. Netflix cancels The Dark Crystal… after just one season. Star Trek 4 (& Other Star Trek Movies) are NOT canceled, says Paramount, with its tongue out and pointed at you. Nicolas Cage reportedly wanted for Superman reprise cameo? Sorkin’s Chicago 7 prepping for Film Board debut.

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