Neil Burger


March 23, 2014

What better way to kick off the spring tentpole season than with the launch of another adaptation of a young adult novel. This time, it’s Veronica Roth’s take on dystopian Abercrombie in “Divergent.”

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The Illusionist

May 30, 2013

2006 was quite the year for movies about stage magicians, and as our series continues, we’ve decided to focus solely on the 3 films dealing with prestidigitation that came out that year. Neil Burger’s The Illusionist came out a few months before Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige, but it dealt with an entirely different story. True, they both take place in the world of magicians, but while Nolan’s film dealt with a strong professional rivalry, Burger’s dealt with an unrequited love and the fight the two lovers struggle through to be together.

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