Nimona Says Trans Rights

July 11, 2023

Nimona is a beautiful story about the danger of fear and trusting establishments, and the power of living your truth. Beau joins me to talk about the power of this story, its meaning as a queer and trans allegory, and the value of trusting our own wisdom and experience over dogma and tradition.  Beau uses…

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Stranger Things • S4 Part 1

June 30, 2022

D&D podcaster and expert Mark Garkusha joins Ashley and myself to talk Strange Things Season 4 (1st half?)  Mark Garkusha is an actor, voice artist, writer, and lifelong nerd. You can find him on instagram and twitter as @markdmitri and his D&D/TTRPG cast as @castdiepodcast

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Parental Controls and the Meaning of Family Friendly

March 23, 2022

Who decides what is ‘family friendly’ and for what kind of family? What kind of content should kids see or not see, and where does the responsibility fall in terms of media creators, distributors, and parents? Paul and I dive into these questions and more.

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The Witcher • S2 E3-4

December 20, 2021

Paul, Ashley, and Matthew team up to talk about The Witcher, Season 2! In this episode we cover episodes 3-4 of the second season.

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The Witcher • S1 Primer Part 2

December 17, 2021

This episode was recorded for Pandavision, but we’re having trouble uploading so I’m posting it here as well. Season 2 of The Witcher just went up, and we’re helping you get ready for it! Ashley Coffin, Paul Hoppe, and Matthew Fox talk complete our primer on Season 1.

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Midnight Mass

November 30, 2021

What happens when a pastor and a pastor’s kid talk about the ethics of church leadership, using faith to justify terrible things, and vampires? Matthew and Matt Carroll get into all the ethical questions raised by Netflix’s Midnight Mass

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MMMBop, Cowboy Bebop, ba duba dop…

November 23, 2021

Let’s talk Cowboy BeBop, episodes 1-5. Are Spike and Jet heroes. anti-heroes, or something else? What’s going on in this post earth society? Paul and I jump into these questions and more.

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Purple Man, Empath, and the Ethics of Total Control

September 21, 2021

What morality do you develop if no one ever tells you no? Do you learn not to hurt people, when you can always change their emotions? Will and Steve of Hype is my Superpower join me to discuss these issues on page and screen with a focus on Purple Man from Jessica Jones and Empath…

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The Un-Tropes of Queen’s Gambit

October 29, 2020

Paul and I talk about tropes in our favorite movies and shows, using the Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit as our launch point. What makes a trope annoying or problematic, and where can they be helpful to a story, especially a superhero one? How does Queen’s Gambit both embrace and subvert tropes in ways that…

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Old Guard • Ethics of Immortality

August 14, 2020

How do you value human life, when yours cannot end? What responsibility comes with the great power of (near) immortality. And is anyone left who is NOT in love with action star Charlize Theron? Special guest Fox Kaye joins Matthew for a discussion of the ethical questions raised by The Old Guard, on Netflix. Cleveland…

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