CowBoy BeBop! 2

December 7, 2021

Paul and Matthew jump into ethical questions from the 2nd half of the live action CowBoy BeBop!

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Burdened with Glorious Ethical Questions

June 29, 2021

Paul and I are talking about deep ethical questions like- is it bad to genocide entire civilizations when they make choices you think are bad? What was the importance of Loki becoming canonically bi, and has the show addressed his gender fluidity? And no discussion of Loki would be complete without one of our old…

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Ethics By Stormlight

November 24, 2020

What are the ethical responsibilities of a king? When do the ends justify the means? And what does it mean to create a relatable disabled character in a world of magic? Rob McKenzie returns to discuss these questions and more as we get ready for Rhythm of War, the latest book in the Stormlight Archives.…

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The Un-Tropes of Queen’s Gambit

October 29, 2020

Paul and I talk about tropes in our favorite movies and shows, using the Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit as our launch point. What makes a trope annoying or problematic, and where can they be helpful to a story, especially a superhero one? How does Queen’s Gambit both embrace and subvert tropes in ways that…

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Catra, She-Ra, and the Ethics of Redemption

May 25, 2020

Jess Plummer and Becky Allen join us to discuss She-Ra! What makes Catra such a compelling character? How does this show blur the lines between hero and villain, friend and dating, and different shares of morality? What makes this show such a powerful example of representation, on so many levels? And just how hard to…

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