Richard Marquand

The Next Reel • Season 12 • Series: Star Wars • Retake

Retake: The Original Star Wars Trilogy • Member Bonus

August 14, 2022

This series is over. We’ve covered the despecialized editions of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. So what did we think of the original Star Wars trilogy and what George Lucas, Irvin Kershner, and Richard Marquand brought to the table?

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The Next Reel • Season 12 • Series: Star Wars • Return of the Jedi

Return of the Jedi

August 11, 2022

We wrap up our look at the Original Star Wars trilogy with Richard Marquand’s 1983 film ‘Return of the Jedi.’ Again, we look at the Harmy’s Despecialized edition, but we did some side-by-side comparisons between it and the latest iteration on Disney+. How do the changes stack up? How does the film hold up for us? And how about those Ewoks? Tune in!

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