Rick Fafard

Lessons Learned from Legal Implementations with Rick Fafard

June 8, 2017

Rick Fafard, BA Insight’s technical director of professional services, is back to share his experience working with legal customers large and small in their effort to implement BA Insight solutions. He takes us behind the scenes on the decisions that serve to bring improved access to matter and information in an industry that has quickly become a leader in information utilization and organization at scale.

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Expanding Connections: Bring Recommind to SharePoint with BA Insight

February 16, 2017

Last year, we announced a strategic partnership between BA Insight and Recommind. Listeners will know Recommind as the brand behind Decisiv Search, an enterprise search leader of particular — though certainly not exclusive — interest to those in the legal field. Through this partnership, BA Insight has integrated Decisiv natively into SharePoint bringing Recommind’s world-class search capability to all SharePoint customers.

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