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Rob Kubasko

IH080: This Minute is One Big, Long Shrinky Dink.

Jul 10, 2020

In minute eighty of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob recharge their mojo with childhood fondness for oven based crafts. We witness the Hulk suffer serious shrinkage in a very well done detransformation sequence. Then we get to discuss another deleted scene featuring Sparr. You will demand shirts celebrating the Major!

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IH079: We Got Nothing.

Jul 9, 2020

In minute seventy-nine of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob begin with nothing. Look, there’s only so many awesomely creative cold opens even the most brilliant minds can come up with. And this minute has nada. Or does it? Does Rob jump the shark? Maybe.

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IH078: Who’s Afraid of Electric Wolf?

Jul 8, 2020

In minute seventy-eight of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob talk werewolves and electroconvulsive therapy. You’ll have a howling good time as we dissect a closeup look of Bruce’s latest transformation. Just grab a box of Triscuits, some cracker toppings, sit back, relax and listen. Oh whoa, weird product placement you say? Nope. There’s also homework!

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IH077: Dr. Stern’s House of Horrors.

Jul 7, 2020

In minute seventy-seven of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob start off with a story about that time when Tom Hanks tried to karate chop Fonzie at Arnold’s. You know there’s a reason for that. And it takes place in Dr. Stern’s house of… oh wait, we put it in the title. Be sure to listen to the end (it’s a short minute kids) for some fan shoutouts! We love you all.

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IH076: His Pathetic Self: The Self That Lives Inside Him.

Jul 6, 2020

In minute seventy-six of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob go where no minute by minute analysis has gone before. Deep, deep into the psyche of one Emil Blonsky. Plus we ponder the most evil dentist office ever made. Everything is totally going to be ok! And the King Kong intro banter? You’ll understand. Trust us.

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IH075: O Bother, What Art Thou Gestures?

Jul 3, 2020

In minute seventy-five of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob celebrate their diamond anniversary minute with a formal introduction of Mr. Tim Blake Nelson. He’s got an incredible acting resumé and the story of why he’s here involves a movie you may never have heard of starring Ed Norton.

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IH074: Healthy Conversations with Your Significant Other.

Jul 2, 2020

In minute seventy-four of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob make you think that they’re scared of their wives. Oh, they are. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have healthy conversations ALL THE TIME! Same goes for Bruce and Betty. Prepare for major gushing over their cuteness as a couple. Bonus: you also get lots of additional location details! Penalty: there are High School Musical puns.

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IH073: Cab Rides from Hell that Give Meg Ryan a Run for Her Money!

Jul 1, 2020

In minute seventy-three of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob know firsthand that taxi rides can be a disaster. So are bad matte lines in a digitally composed shot. But you know what’s NOT a disaster? Bruce and Betty’s awesome comedic timing!

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IH072: A New York State of Minding Your Manners.

Jun 30, 2020

In minute seventy-two of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob begin with helpful tips for visiting New York City because our heroes are making their way to the Big Apple. We then take a detour to awkward silences. Pause here and don’t make eye contact. That will help when we talk about Tim Roth’s digital body makeover.

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IH071: Trucks, Cameras and 50 Different Names for LSD.

Jun 29, 2020

In minute seventy-one of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob miraculously combine trucks, cameras and names for LSD. All in far deeper detail than should be humanly possible. This minute is filled with deep introspection. Oh, and there’s the Ganzfeld effect and did we mention 50 different names for LSD? Really. Beware!

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