Seth Nelson

Staging your Epic Comeback with Divorce Coach Nikki Bruno

February 23, 2021

Are you ready to stage your Epic Comeback? Then it’s time for you to meet Nikki Bruno, divorce coach.

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An App for Saving Your Relationships with Fayr founder Michael Daniels

February 16, 2021

A journey that started with divorce led home designer Michael Daniels to a career change, a long escalator, and a drive to reduce conflict for everyone facing the challenge of co-parenting. Today he joins us in the Toaster to tell us all about the fruits of his work: Fayr.

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Life as a Divorcée

February 9, 2021

We’ve talked to a string of guests, all specialists in some aspect of the divorce process supporting the legal process itself. This week, Jamie Ainsworth sits down in the Toaster to talk about her experience getting divorced to tell us what we missed.

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But What About the Dog?: Karis Nafte & Pet Custody Issues

February 2, 2021

Following up on last week’s conversation about dividing personal property, we realized that pets are considered property too. But you can’t actually split them, so what do you do? Turns out, that’s what the Pet Custody Expert is for. We invite Karis Nafte to the Toaster, a dog trainer and animal specialist who is also an internationally accredited family mediator who helps people figure out what Fido wants.

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Divorce, ADHD, and the Law with Seth Nelson

February 2, 2021

Divorce is one of the greatest challenges we face. Even the best of divorces brings an emotional cost. Living with ADHD, the costs that come from disorganization and distraction can be so much higher.

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The Momentous Matter of Material: Dividing Personal Property

January 26, 2021

You have split your schedule. You’ve untangled custody. You feel like you’re on top of the thousand tiny decisions that face you during your divorce process. And still, you stare down the bear: How do you split your stuff? This week on the show, strategies for approaching your personal property.

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Protecting the Smallest Voices: Courtney Bowes and the Guardian ad Litem

January 19, 2021

From deep in the files labeled, “people you didn’t know you needed in your corner during your divorce,” we bring you the Guardian ad Litem. We welcome Courtney Bowes to the Toaster, a Guardian ad Litem who works with children to ensure their voices don’t get lost in an otherwise noisy process.

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Healthy Financial Conversations for a Healthy Divorce with Rhonda Noordyk

January 12, 2021

Rhonda Noordyk is the host of the Divorce Conversations for Women Podcast and CEO of the Women’s Financial Wellness Center. In her work, she helps women ask tough questions so that they get the answers that they need to navigate the divorce process.

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How Not to Be an A-Hole In Your Marriage with Brian Ronalds

January 5, 2021

Author Brian Ronalds joins us to talk about his series of books designed to guide you through your marriage assuming that you don’t actually want it to end: “How Not to be an A-Hole Husband and Lose Your Wife,” and (among others) it’s partner, “How Not to be an A-hole Wife and Lose your Husband.”

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TruStory CrossTalk: The Law in Film

December 15, 2020

It’s time to cross wires! This week on the show, Pete Wright, Andy Nelson, and Seth Nelson bring together The Next Reel Film Podcast and How to Split a Toaster to talk about their favorite experiences of the law in film. Part of CrossTalk from TruStory FM.

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