She-Hulk with Jess Plummer

October 25, 2022

Jess Plummer joins us to talk season 1 of She-Hulk!

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She-Hulk Kick-off

August 30, 2022

Comic book nerd extraordinaire Jessica Plummer joins us to talk about ethical questions in She-Hulk, episodes 1 and 2. Does Abomination have a case? What’s the importance of Jennifer having such a different relationship to being a Hulk than Bruce has? We dive into those questions and talk about She-Hulks origins in the business of…

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She-Hulk & Uncle Ben

August 25, 2022

What would Uncle Ben think of She-Hulk not wanting to be a hero? Does she prove him wrong? Matthew Carroll on the MCUCast talked about an episode of this podcast where we discussed the question of great power and great responsibility and asked I repost it, so here it is, with a short discussion at…

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