Ethics of the Final Frontier

September 6, 2022

Space: The Final Frontier. The Frontier has been an essential part of America’s mythology from the beginning. It has led to exploration, adventure- and all the problems wrapped up in seeing ‘undiscovered country’ as a land where no white man has been. Prof Matthew Wilhelm Kapell joins Paul and myself to talk about the idea…

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Is Star Fleet a Military?

September 28, 2021

What are the questions that come up when we militarize space? Is there a problem when you show up to a first contact in ship loaded with weapons? Who makes decisions when messages to the civilian oversight back home take days or weeks to be delivered? Rob McKenzie is back to talk about these issues…

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Copies and Clones and Questions, Oh My!

March 2, 2021

Are you legally responsible for the actions of your clone? What is the self, and could it ever be uploaded, or copied? Rob McKenzie joins me for a deep dive into science fiction and the questions that surround digitized consciousness.

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The Value and Danger of Canon

December 22, 2020

What makes canon and continuity such a vital part of modern genre media? What are the dangers of becoming too focused on canon? MCUCast co-hosts Matthew Carroll and Jeff Randle join me to discuss these questions.

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The Ethical Color Pie: Grouping our Favs by an Ethical System

June 25, 2020

What’s more fun than taking an ethical system from one world, and trying to find how our favorite characters from other worlds fit into it. In this episode we start with the ethical color pie from Magic the Gathering, in which we look at ethics not in terms of actions, but motivations and mind sets.…

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Ethical Villains

May 14, 2020

Heroes can be boring- let’s talk villains! Rik Hayashi joins us to talk about the villains who have a point, the ones we can sympathize with, or even sometimes agree with. What makes someone a villain? What are the lines between a villain and a hero who is willing to do anything for the cause?…

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Picardian Ethics

April 30, 2020

Who has agency in Picard? Is Seven finally getting to define her own life, on her terms? Did the Romulans have a point, and why did Picard give up on the rescue and on the Federation? This week, Matthew is joined by two of his podcasting inspirations, Matthew Carroll and David C Roberson to discuss…

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The Ethics of AI

April 23, 2020

This week, we’re joined by returning guest Rob McKenzie, and first time guest Dan McCreary to talk about the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. What is AI, and what do we mean by concepts like sentience? Why does so much sci-fi assume AI will be our enemy? And what is the moral value of robotic life?…

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