Steve Sarmento


February 23, 2021

Is Nomadland Oscar bait or is it worth all the buzz? How does Frances McDormand work as a woman living on the road? And what do we think of Chloé Zhao directing the next MCU film? The Film Board convenes to talk about the movie and everyone involved. Tune in!

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2021-02-20 • Saturday Matinée

February 22, 2021

The Indulgent Cut is coming. Should ‘Black Widow’ get the HBOMax treatment? Faces/Offs. Cube Japan! Scorcese is back, this time on streaming. Plus a rousing game of The Diabolical and a list of movies with living spaces with killer views!

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2021-02-06 • Saturday Matinée

February 8, 2021

The Golden Globes are here. Mandy “can’t wait” for a Buck Rogers reboot. Here comes a show about talking boobs. The box office is shrinking. Plus three great new trailers, Rob’s musings on the cosmic importance of ‘Groundhog Day’, and a list of films about punching animals!

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2021-01-23 • Saturday Matinée

January 25, 2021

All seasons of the Muppet Show to air on Disney+. Freaks and Geeks coming to Hulu. Casting Nicole Kidman as Lucy in Sorkin’s new film. Godzilla Vs. Kong release moved up (trailer drops Sunday).

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Locked Down Member Bonus Episode

January 19, 2021

Is ‘Locked Down’ the COVID heist comedy we need right now? And is it even a heist comedy? Or more of a relationship dramedy? The Film Board convenes to break it apart to see if the whole worked as well as the sum of its parts. Tune in!

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2021-01-02 • Saturday Matinée

January 2, 2021

Netflix is doing well with Clooney… we guess. Richard Donner, who is 90, says he’s coming back for LW5. Shadow in the Clouds and other YA stuff, plus a digression on the works of Leigh Bardugo. _The Human Voice_. Letterboxd Year-In-Review. Plus three trailers, Flickchart re-ranking, and a list of films that center on missing spouses!

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The Great 2020 Film Board Flickchart Re-Ranking Extravaganza • Film Board Member Bonus

December 22, 2020

The Film Board Gathers! The thugs have come together for an annual re-ranking of all the movies introduced on the show over the last year or so. And… it’s only for our esteemed members!

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The Last Black Man In San Francisco

December 16, 2020

Today one of our newest TNR voices, Ocean, takes a trip with Steve to meet The Last Black Man in San Francisco. They agree that this is a film that has a distinctive opening, but there’s a sharp difference of opinion at the heart of this episode. Find out what makes the last Trailer Rewind of 2020 a contentious one.

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December 8, 2020

We’re finally in the last month of 2020 the entertainment industry is mulling through new layers of execution and release. In this first week of December, Netflix released “Mank” by David Fincher keying our imagination towards remembering old Hollywood. It focuses on the politics of filmmaking of the 1930’s, how those dynamics mixed into the world, and were reflected in “Citizen Kane” by screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz. Everything old is new again this month on The Film Board.

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Les Misérables (2019)

December 2, 2020

It’s a rare occasion when Steve and Andy have an in-depth conversation about a film. One thing you can be sure of is that they know how to pick them. For this Trailer Rewind, Steve and Andy are traveling abroad for a suspenseful ride along with Chris, Gwada, and Stephane Ruiz in 2019’s Les Misérables.

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