Steve Sarmento

The Report

November 18, 2020

Case # TR46
SUMMARY – subjects Peter D Wright and Stephen D Sarmento conducted an in-depth discussion regarding the Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program. Analysis and review of recorded comments is ongoing. A favorable bias was detected regarding the fictional portrayal of the events that led up to the creation of the 6,7000-page report.

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The Lodge

November 4, 2020

As the nights grow longer and the temperatures drop lower Steve and TNR’s Ray DeLancey invite you to spend some time with them in The Lodge. Don’t worry about the snowstorm outside, they have everything you will need to stay warm . . . for now.

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Banana Split

October 21, 2020

There’s nothing to make a father more uncomfortable than a film that has teens and parents having explicit, yet humorous, conversations about their own sexuality. So Steve thought it would be a great idea to recruit Marvel Movie Minute’s Rob Kubasko to discuss Banana Split with him.

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October 7, 2020

Trailer Rewind is back with a new season and new voices. Steve talks with The Film Board’s Tommy Handsome about the 2019 film Villains, a film from a 2016 Blacklist script, and featuring a cast of familiar faces.

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2020-09-19 • Saturday Matinée

September 21, 2020

TENET and the great sadness of the 2020 global box office. Madonna working on the story of her life. The Prince Estate has a podcast. We’ve got a SHE-HULK! Making the case for more Star Trek TV. Plus, a list of films with exceptional female action stars!

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2020-09-12 • Saturday Matinée

September 14, 2020

Ray’s Reel Review digs into early in-theater experiences for our roving reporter. Jack Reacher is finally getting cast appropriately and coming to TV. Who asked for the Robocop prequel, though? The pandemic movies are coming — Liman to helm pandemic-based heist movie. McG has a harder cut of Terminator Salvation if anyone is interested. New Alien film confirmed by Ridley Scott… if it makes you happy, Ridley. Plus, a discussion on the Academy’s new rules on diversity and inclusion in the best picture category.

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I’m Thinking of Ending Things

September 8, 2020

Over the past month, we’ve begun to see some new releases open in limited theater capacities while others continue to be held back because of a world that can’t currently create a literal “blockbuster.” Different titles are popping up in different places and different ways and this month we decided to tackle a new release on Netflix, Charlie Kaufman’s “I’m Thinking of Ending Things.” As with most Kaufman works, it weaves an impressionistic puzzle that benefits from deep conversation and multiple viewings. Multiple other shows from The Next Reel’s family of podcasts have taken swipes at spoiling Kaufman, but this is the first turn for The Film Board.

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2020-08-22 • Saturday Matinée

August 24, 2020

The Flash movie has some casting news. Discovery shines through Trek chaos. A Blazing Saddles thing. Netflix is testing the shuffle. Plus three solid trailers, a brief aside on Quibi, recasting The Princess Bride, and a list of movies of unusual mayhem.

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2020-08-15 • Saturday Matinée

August 17, 2020

Pete watches TV. Steve takes umbrage. “Jason and Friends” recalls the halcyon days of murder and cartoons. Physical media is still dying… but it’s not dead yet. Steven’s director’s chair. AMC is back with the cheap seats … for a day. Plus three solid trailers (!), Flickchart re-ranking, and a list of protagonist turncoats!

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2020-07-04 • Saturday Matinée

July 6, 2020

It’s Hamilton weekend. Unsubscribed: The Zero-Dollar Budget Box-Office Winner. In The Rumor-mill: will 7–9 be removed from canon? Sorkin’s new Netflix thing on the Chicago Seven. Walmart Going Drive-in! Carl Reiner. (1967 Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour bit) Listen: A Brand New Me: Aretha Franklin (with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra).

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