Take 10

Small Screen Trek • Take Ten

May 30, 2021

Kyle and Rob are back to talk Trek. This time, our list is stand alone episodes of Star Trek that meant something to us. No two-parters or movies are allowed. Make it so!

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Director’s Cuts • Member Episode

April 20, 2021

Kyle and Rob are back to discuss 10 alternate cuts of movies. Call them Director’s Cuts, Ultimate Editions, Assembly Cuts, whatever you want, we’re here to talk about ten other versions of the films we love. (And one we hate!)

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One-Season Wonders

January 29, 2021

Kyle and Rob, their own favorite hosts, bring ten of their favorite properties cancelled after just one season.

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Take 10 on HBOMax • Take 10 Member Bonus

December 23, 2020

Rob and Kyle are back to talk about the gems on HBOMax this holiday season and beyond.

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Take 10 on Disney+

March 20, 2020

Have some time social distancing by yourself or with the family and looking for something cool to watch? Join Kyle and Rob for a stroll down the Disney movie lane to fill up your watchlists now!

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