Batman: The Long Halloween

January 31, 2023

Paul Hoppe joins me to talk about Batman: The Long Halloween, an animated movie based on the comics run of the same name. Paul Christopher Hoppe AKA ZenMadman is a writer, teacher, and student of poker, chess, language, and life. Find out more here:

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The Bad Batch • S2 E5

January 26, 2023

AJ (Jedi_Starkiller) joins Erin and I to talk The Bad Batch, Season 2, Episode 5.  Erin McGowan is a Twin Cities based cosplayer. she/her, who is new to cosplay and LOVING it. You can find her atTik Tok @amateurahsokaInstagram: lady.tano.creates AJ is a Star Wars fan, MtG Commander Player, Movie Buff, Comic Book Fan, family…

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The Bad Batch • S2 E4

January 18, 2023

We’re talking Mario Kart, we’re talking Tech, we’re talking Crosshair’s emotional damage and why so many of us relate to it- its Erin McGowan and I talking The Bad Batch Season 2, Episode 4. My cohost Erin McGowan is a Twin Cities based cosplayer. she/her, who is new to cosplay and LOVING it. You can…

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The Bad Batch • S2 Primer

December 29, 2022

With The Bad Batch Season 2 a week away, we look back at the characters and story lines from season one, bringing you up to speed with all you need to know for season 2! We’ll be releasing episode by episode coverage, so be sure to subscribe to Star Wars Universe Podcast so you can…

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Critical Theory & Fandom

December 20, 2022

What is critical theory? Can we use it to analyze the superhero & sci-fi shows we love? Gabriel Cruz is an assistant professor of media studies at North Carolina Central University. He has a PhD in Media and Communication Studies from Bowling Green State University. His research areas include critical race, class, and gender analysis…

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Path to Kenobi Part 1 • Movies and S1 of Clone Wars

March 22, 2022

Kenobi is coming out soon and we’re getting ready! Today we’re covering Obi-Wan in the movies and season 1 of the Clone Wars TV show, giving you a primer to get ready for the upcoming show! Famed Star Wars Agnostic Matt Carroll of the MCU joins the show, giving me the chance to demonstrate once…

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