True Blood • S1 E1-4

September 27, 2021

Welcome to our first episode of Superhero Ethics After Dark! 18+ only please.. Ashley and I are discussing True Blood, the HBO series about Vampires coming out of the Coffin in rural Louisiana, starting with Season 1, Episodes 1-4. We talk about the ethics of Vampires, is Sookie compassionate or naïve, all the ways this…

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Thirst Feedback

July 1, 2021

Our thirst episode, and the ongoing discussion of thirst and queerness has brought a lot of feedback and Ashley joined me to go over it. We talk about all the great support we’ve gotten, some of the negative comments that have come in and, amazingly, we kept our conversation under 35 minutes! (a bit longer…

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June 15, 2021

Mail Bag! Paul and I dig into your feedback.  Spoiler Warning- because we’re answering specific questions about different stories we’ve covered and there are a lot of spoilers, below are the different topics we cover, with the time it starts and when the next one starts, so you can skip ahead to not be spoiled.…

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The Ethics of Thirst

June 2, 2021

Ashley Coffin joins us for a discussion on the ethics of thirst in fandom.

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