Harley Quinn • S3

August 2, 2022

Can we find ethical questions to discuss in HarleyQuinn Season 3? Hells yes! Emily Cissel joins us, and Abby Neiman makes her first podcast appearance!

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Shakespearean Villains

April 28, 2022

Is The Batman a Hamlet story? The Joker an Iago? I’m joined by Austin Tichenor (he/him), artistic director of the award winning Reduced Shakespeare Company as we talk about the Bard’s approach to villains, and storytelling in general, and how we see those same themes in the stories we love today. Austin Tichenor (he/him) is…

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The Suicide Squad

August 17, 2021

Paul Hoppe and Jessica Plummer join me to discuss ethical questions in The Suicide Squad! Jess has a new book out, and if you buy it through this link you get a discount, and help support the podcast!

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Dr. Doom and the Nature of Villains

January 19, 2021

Dr. Doom is one of the most famous villains to grace the comic book page. But in some stories he plays the role of an anti-hero, a reluctant ally, or even sometimes a hero himself- all without losing the core of his identity and outlook. Special guest J. Scotty St. Claire joins me for a…

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Ethical Villains

May 14, 2020

Heroes can be boring- let’s talk villains! Rik Hayashi joins us to talk about the villains who have a point, the ones we can sympathize with, or even sometimes agree with. What makes someone a villain? What are the lines between a villain and a hero who is willing to do anything for the cause?…

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