Accepting Your ADHD Diagnosis with James Ochoa

That first rush of relief that you feel when you’re handed the diagnoses of ADHD is exhilarating. You finally have words to describe what you’ve been feeling and experiencing, and a brand new way to relate to the world around you! And that feeling lasts for about three-and-a-half seconds, right up to the moment you ask yourself, what now?

Accepting your ADHD diagnosis might be your first experience of an ADHD storm, a term coined by our guest today. He’s the author of Focused Forward: Navigating the storms of Adult ADHD, he’s host of The Complex: Shiny Shorts podcast, and he’s released a new video education series ADHD — From Answers to Action. We’re thrilled to have our friend James Ochoa back on the show to help us unravel the complexities of accepting your ADHD diagnosis.

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