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FOBO: The Fear of Better Options

Patrick McGinnis, the person behind the term “FOMO”, is back. This time, he introduces us to — as he calls it — the evil brother of FOMO that can ruin your life. That thing is FOBO.

The Fear of Better Options.

It’s the fear that there is always something better for you out there that holds you back from making the most important decisions of today. It foils any effort you might make toward commitment. It keeps you looking inward, at yourself, behind a veil of selfishness disguised as investigation. It can make you a lousy friend or partner. And it can make you hate yourself.

This week, Nikki and Pete dive into Analysis Paralysis. Here’s your background reading from Patrick McGinnis himself.

Here an entry on Michael Crichton’s Wikipedia entry on Gell-Mann Amnesia, if you’re interested in further reading on the subject.

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