Grounding and the Energy of the Earth with Sarah Weiss

We are beings of energy. It’s how we get up and out of bed in the morning, how we make it through our days, and how we recharge in sleep at night. Our state of being — and our ability to heal — is largely depended on the way we are able to channel and process our energy. That’s why I’m so excited to have Sarah Weiss of the SpiritHeal Institute on the show with us today. With Sarah, I’d like to introduce the concept of grounding on the show, an incredibly important energy practice that can help you find your true self. 

We talk about our own energy, what it means to ground, the critical role of relaxation — and how the vast majority of us don’t really know how to relax! This episode is a bit longer than normal. Sarah gives us the gift of a grounding meditation at about 11 minutes in. I hope, once you listen to this episode, that you’ll keep it around and practice your own grounding with Sarah.

About Sarah Weiss, MA, LMT

Sarah Weiss, MA, LMT, founder of the SpiritHeal Institute awakens heart centered living and intuitive wisdom in her clients and students.  She is a “practical mystic” and recognized teacher in the Sufi Path, the Andean Q’ero tradition and the Taoist lineage.  Sarah serves as a healer, spiritual mentor, medical intuitive and retreat guide illuminating the path for those who are called to discover the light, depth and power of the heart.