The Many Faces of Depression

For so many, the experience of “depression” is actually the experience of getting “stuck.” And the reason we get stuck is that we are not willing to feel.

The body is experiencing an emotion and the mind says STOP! This may kill you! Go get a vice! My clients often tell me that they address their own flatness, or depressed experience, with something that will numb then and mask the feelings with a quick solution or dopamine rush. Find a glass of wind. Binge eat a box of Butterfingers. Gamble. Shop. Create drama in those around you to hide from your own. All these things numb your experience of negative emotions, suppress the depression just a bit, and this cycle continues until we resolve these feelings more fully.

Today on the show we’re going to talk about the techniques we can use to help us become more aware of our negative emotions, how to move them through our physical systems, and make that feeling of stuckness evaporate purely!