Narcissism, Codependence, and the Self-Love Deficit with Ross Rosenberg

Today on the show, Ross Rosenberg joins us to talk about narcissism and codependence. The concepts are tied together, says Ross, and he spends much of his work helping others understand this spectrum through his concept of “self-love deficit disorder.” He joins us to share the roots of narcissism, how narcissists present in relationships, and even delves into tools for protecting ourselves when we are engaging with pathological narcissists in our lives.

Ross Rosenberg, is a counselor, trainer, and author of the best-selling book, The Human Magnet Syndrome. He’s also a prolific YouTube creator — his videos have been viewed over five million times! He’s trained around the world and is regularly featured on national TV and radio. You can find him blogging for The Huffington Post, and

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