Facing Our Relationship Food, Sugar, and Addiction with Karly Randolf Pitman

Our relationship with food is supposed to be one of healthful nurturing, building a strong family and community connection, growth and bounty. But what happens when our food connection becomes spoiled? Today on the show, Karly Randolph Pitman joins us to share her insights on food struggles, especially when it comes to sugar and addiction. She brings some truly surprising insights around where our relationship with food and sugar goes wrong and how we can get back on track and love ourselves along the way.

Karly Randolph Pitman is a teacher, and the woman behind Growing HumanKindNess where she works with those looking for a new way of relating to food, body and sugar struggles. She’s author of Overcoming Sugar Addiction: How I kicked my Sugar Habit and Created a Joyful Sugar Free Life! And offers a number of courses herself including Overcoming Sugar Addiction: The 30 Day Lift, and her signature course, When Food is Your Mother.

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