Start your Feng Shui Journey with Tisha Morris

Our guest today is Tisha Morris, founder of Earth Home and bestselling author on Feng Shui and the energy of our spaces. We wanted to have Tisha on the show to help us better understand the role of Feng Shui in our homes, but she taught us so much more! Her guidance on the way we relate to our most precious spaces leads us not just through our rooms and down our halls, but deep into our long-forgotten drawers and cabinets to seek out the energy blocks that keep us bound up!

Tisha is a certified life coach, energy healer, and fellow podcaster — find Feng Shui Your Life in Apple Podcasts — and she’s the founder of Earth Home School of Feng Shui and Feng Shui for the planet, a foundation to help promote better living spaces across the globe — Tisha Morris, welcome to The Adult Chair!

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