Raising Self-Esteem

Many of us have a fragile relationship with our self-esteem. Even those who wear a brave face may be struggling inside, fighting negative self-talk and our history of lack of validation. Today, we’re talking about reprogramming, new language that can help you see yourself in a new light. This is a doorway you’ll open to connect to something bigger, deeper than yourself, and realign your relationship to your experiences as just that: experiences, and nothing more. 

Since meditation is such a key component to this work, make sure to check out my guided meditation, Accessing Your Inner Child over on YouTube. Even better, download the Insight Timer on iOS or Android and follow me as I build out my library of meditations there. It’s become one of my very favorite apps and I’m thrilled that people are getting such great use out of my meditations — and those of all the other great teachers in their directory!

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