Shannon Thomas talks Narcissism, Gaslighting, and Healing from Hidden Abuse

Shannon Thomas sits down in the adult chair with me today to talk about narcissism, gaslighting, and other forms of abuse and emotional trauma that can plague our relationships. This is a wide-ranging interview thanks to YOU! So many of the questions Shannon takes on this week come from your responses in our Facebook private group — far more than we could cover in one sitting! So, consider this a start, and know that I’ll have Shannon back soon to keep this conversation moving. 

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About Shannon Thomas, LCSW
Shannon Thomas, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social work supervisor, the owner and lead therapist of an award-winning private practice counseling agency in North Texas and best-selling author of ‘Healing From Hidden Abuse’. In ‘Healing From Hidden Abuse’, Shannon bridges the gap between pop culture and clinical advice and also outlines her ‘Six Stages of Healing’ model. Her passion is helping people overcome life challenges and seeing abuse survivors living to their fullest potential. Shannon approaches her work from the lens of a therapist and as a fellow survivor of psychological abuse.

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