Learn to Live Authentically with guest Sandra Rojo

How do I live authentically?

If you find yourself asking that question, you’re not alone. I hear this from clients practically daily, each feeling a connection with the concept, knowing they’re disconnected from their true, authentic selves, but at the same time struggling to move into that place of living their own lives authentically. To help us answer this question and better understand the practice of living authentically, Sandra Rojo is with us to share her expertise. Sandra is founder of Journey to Authentic living and her practice is dedicated to helping others find their authenticity through her practice in the healing and therapeutic arts. 

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About Sandra Rojo

Sandra Rojo is the Founder and President of Journey to Authentic living (JTAL). JTAL is a Coaching, Training and Consulting Company.

Sandra has more than 15 years of hands on experience working with clients to achieve positive lifestyle and behavioral changes. Sandra lived in Northern Italy for many years where she served as an Teacher, interpreter, and coach for young women.

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