The Deer Hunter

“One shot."

Michael Cimino’s 1978 film “The Deer Hunter” is definitely a divisive film, one about which a LOT of people have found plenty of things to say and argue about. Aside from all of that, it’s also the film for which Meryl Streep received her first Oscar nomination. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we begin our Meryl Streep series, specifically looking at films for which Streep received an Oscar nomination, with Cimino’s epic Vietnam War film. We talk about why this film was and still is so controversial — the Russian Roulette scenes and the fact that there’s no evidence they happened during the war. We discuss the nature of truth in film and analyze why this film still works effectively despite the Russian roulette scenes being fictional. We chat about the interminable wedding scene and try to figure out why we struggle with it so much. We chat about the brilliant actors, notably Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, John Savage, Streep, George Dzundza and the wonderful John Cazale. We touch on Cimino and his career, notably how it nearly died after this film with “Heaven’s Gate.” And we debate the nature of Flickchart with some of Andy’s choices. It’s a fun-filled episode for a very strong film, albeit not easy to watch. Tune in!

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