The Killing

"You got a great big dollar sign there where most women have a heart."

Stanley Kubrick’s 3rd film, “The Killing,” was a box office bomb due to a poor release plan from United Artists and virtually no marketing. Luckily, the film was critically praised and has grown in stature since its release in 1956. It’s a film noir about a race track heist gone wrong with the fantastic Sterling Hayden leading the charge, and the last film in our Heist series. Join us — Pete Wright and Andy Nelson — as we finish this series with Kubrick’s early classic. We talk about the story and how revolutionary it was at the time to tell a story that was told out of chronological sequence. We discuss the actors and the roles they play in this great film, particularly Sterling Hayden, Elisha Cook Jr. and Marie Windsor. We talk about the look of the film yet how Kubrick and his cinematographer, Lucien Ballard, were at odds throughout production. And we chat about why this film was so ahead of its time and why it’s largely considered an important classic that’s worth discussing. It’s a great finish to our current Heist series. Listen in!

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