How Not to Be an A-Hole In Your Marriage with Brian Ronalds

Brian Ronalds is an actor turned writer/producer/director and is half of “The Ronalds Brothers." You can see Brian in the horror-comedy, Netherbeast Incorporated, directed by his brother, Dean, and in many other credits that do NOT include why he’s with us in the Toaster today.

Brian joins us as the author of a series of books designed to guide you through your marriage assuming that you don’t actually want it to end: How Not to be an A-Hole Husband and Lose Your Wife, and (among others) its partner, How Not to be an A-hole Wife and Lose your Husband.

The books present the journey of rebuilding your marriage in the form of brief parables, directives to explore over thirty days aimed to refocus on what matters between you and your spouse: the relationships itself. They come from a deeply personal place for Brian, modeling the experience he wished he’d had as he was navigating the dissolution of his own marriage.

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