Take a Walk on the Legal Side with Ashley Hughes

Ashley Hughes loves being a nurse. She still works with patients on a part time basis, but she came to the realization that she wanted to do more than work in the hospital for her entire career. With all of her nursing knowledge, Ashley decided to become a Legal Nurse Consultant. She has learned so much about what it takes to become an LNC; she has also learned that she has so much to teach nurses in how to document properly in order to keep themselves safe.

Ashley is now devoting much of her time to serve nurses by showing them how to become legal nurse consultants and forming their own businesses. Ashley wants to help nurses avoid burnout by showing them another avenue that may interest them. If you have ever had questions about what it is like to be a LNC or how to get there, Ashley is the lady with the answers.

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About Ashley

Ashley Hughes has over 13 years of nursing experience in various ICU specialities, Nursing Management, and Emergency Room. She very well knows the navigations of the healthcare system and the various medical standards of care. During her years of nursing experience, she obtained her Legal Nurse Consultant Certification through the American Society of Legal Nurse Consultants (ASLNC) in May 2016, and since then has been practicing as a Legal Nurse Consultant and Nurse Expert Witness. 

Ashley’s certifications includes the ASLNC, Critical Care Registered Nurse, Trauma Nurse Core Course, Basic Life Support, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. As an instructor, she teaches as needed for Trauma Nursing Core Course and Basic Life Support.

Ashley is now utilizing her knowledge and experience to assist attorneys and their clients with any case involving health, illness, or injury for the plaintiff or defense. She also currently has a Legal Nurse Consulting Mentorship where she trains and mentors her fellow nurses to use their nursing expertise as a Legal Nurse Consultant. Ashley also helps Nurse Business owners to develop policies and procedures for their nursing business. 


  • (00:00) – Welcome to Don’t Eat Your Young •
  • (00:55) – Ashley’s Nursing Journey
  • (02:18) – Nursing Staffing in NC
  • (04:36) – Nurses Leaving
  • (05:09) – How to Change the System
  • (15:08) – Finding a Mentor
  • (15:45) – Shifting Her Focus
  • (20:53) – Steps to Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant
  • (22:52) – Showing Others How to Do It
  • (25:10) – Socials
  • (26:18) – Tips for Nurses Today
  • (29:12) – Wrapping Up