Dr. Doom and the Nature of Villains

Dr. Doom is one of the most famous villains to grace the comic book page. But in some stories he plays the role of an anti-hero, a reluctant ally, or even sometimes a hero himself- all without losing the core of his identity and outlook. Special guest J. Scotty St. Claire joins me for a discussion of Doctor Doom, and what his numerous portrayals show us about the role that context plays in making the villain or the hero.

J. Scotty St. Clair is a self-described media jack-of-all-trades, burgeoning content creator and contributor to the Stranded Panda Network. In addition to comic books and podcasting, his passions and talents include drawing fandom-centric cartoons, discussing film/TV and singing karaoke.
Twitter- @JScott4Reel
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