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All The Feelings

Tommy and Pete embrace a bigger canvas in season eight of the emotional podcast no one asked for.

The Episodes of Season Eight


Tommy and Pete are wrapping up Season 8 with a banger and heading straight to the mountain top… then, on brand, heading straight back down again.

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Fear not, dear listener! This spooky episode of All the Feelings will have you shaking in your boots with harrowing tales of terror!

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Pete and Tom are on the up and up this week, apart from a weird digression on the dangers of dance on carpet, and bring you tales to help you wrap your heart around optimism.

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Envy • Jealousy

Pete and Tommy are dancing with the green-eyed monster as they take a walk down memory lane with their experiences with Jealousy.

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You don’t need an application… you’re in the club already, right? It’s CLUB STRESS! And this week, your club counselors, Tommy and Pete, will share in disturbing detail just how much your annual club dues are costing you.

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What does it mean to belong? When’s the last time you asked yourself that question? Turns out, ol’ Tommy and Pete have been taking an awful lot forgranted in the belonging camp and this week marks a real reckoning on the research front. It’s Cults, Race, and Fandoms all the way down!

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Pete and Tommy dig deep into doubt, the feelings that come with it, and the feelings that drive us to test the world when it just feels fishy.

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Welcome to another episode of the global sensation All The Feelings, where we dive into the wacky world of emotions, and today, we’re talking about pride. Not the fabulous, rainbow-colored kind (though we love that too), but the emotion of pride.

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So far, we’ve felt the feelings of the now. This week, Pete and Tommy head for the feelings of yesteryear.

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Joy is way more than just being happy – it’s an ongoing state of deep delight in the stuff you care about most. Researchers say joy comes from living your values, connecting with others, and being your best self. We say those researchers aren’t thinking creatively enough about how to use joy as a weapon. Are we learning the wrong lessons this season? Oh well.

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Pete and Tommy truck in some meticulously well-charted waters this week, and in so doing, Pete gets flummoxed and Tommy finds Biblical levels of embarrassment.

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Welcome to the rollercoaster ride that is the inaugural episode of WTS Presents: All the Feelings, where we’re tackling the big, scary, exhilarating, and occasionally refrigerator-filled world of change. Today we’re serving up a cocktail of emotion, with a dash of humor, a sprinkle of sarcasm, and a generous dose of poetry.

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WTS Season 7

Tommy and Pete cement themselves in the role of weird staring guy in an island paradise.

The Episodes of Season Seven

WTS Season 6

Tommy and Pete anchor another season of anxieties, fears, and phobias in a case of canned mixed coolers. In season 6, Pete and Tommy face fandom, bugs, drones, and swelling.

The Episodes of Season Six

Once Upon a Heartache Hovel

We’ve found the sequel to Saucy-Sauce, and it is boozy. We take a trip down grief ally by way of Liceville. Plus, a guided meditation dedicated to the sewer workers of London.

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Once Upon an Unprecedented Collective

Performance anxiety for all! This week, hosts of the MandCave podcast on TruStory FM, Mandy Kaplan and Mandy Fabian, join us to talk about nerves, shakes, and gastrointestinal distress that comes with being a professional performer.

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Once Upon a Doodle Crash

This week on the show, we finally have our playlist act together, we share Tommy’s childhood nickname in public, swallowing, and slipping into the firey center of the earth. So… big show!

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What's That Smell? Once Upon a Buoyant Voyager, season 6 episode 603

Once Upon a Buoyant Voyager

Pete gives the crypto-creep update, Tom plays the pilot in Catch Him If You Can, and we take on a listener submission that might just have us bouncing around the waves for days.

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WTS Season 5

Tommy and Pete lean into the delicious metaphorical anxiety sauce that drenches their lives, and some literal sauces, too. In season 5, Pete and Tommy face bugs, eat stuff, and are generally sorry about all of it, even the stuff you send in to the show.

The Episodes of Season Five

WTS Season 4

Tommy and Pete dive into the bureaucracy that underpins the anxiety industrial complex. In season 4, Pete and Tommy invent new words, ditch dining out, and once again face the down-there fears that plague them … and their listeners.

The Episodes of Season Four

WTS Season 3

Tommy and Pete face down the legends of their darkest anxieties… and yours, too. In season 3, Pete and Tommy unveil the dark truth about their podcasting endeavor and answer the question of what goes pee in the night.

The Episodes of Season Three

WTS Season 2

Tommy and Pete take on the greatest mysteries of the universe. In season 2, the crew takes on new anxieties and welcomes submissions from voices of the world in this follow-up to their “hit” first season.

The Episodes of Season Two

The Case of the Audited Moniker

Pete helps a listener with the find peace under the giant thumb of a byzantine system while Tommy struggles to gift the long arm of history with anything more than a list of nouns.

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WTS Season 1

A sometimes-funny podcast about humans and their anxieties. In our inaugural season, Pete and Tommy explore their anxieties and learn to laugh along the way.

The Episodes of Season One

They, Robot

Pete strives to relate to a brave new world. Tommy worries that in that world, we’re all just meat targets.

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