Mission Forward

Owning Our Truths with Master Sergeant (Ret.) Erinn Watkins

May 25, 2023

Master Sergeant (Ret.) Erinn Watkins joins Carrie Fox for a conversation on owning our emotions and defining our space in the universe on the cusp of Erinn’s new book, “PathfYnder: How I Use Emotional Control to Build Success and Get What I Want.”

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More Than Words: A Conversation on Social Impact Communications with John Trybus

May 18, 2023

John Trybus is a professor at Georgetown University and Director of the Center for Social Impact Communication. He sat down with Carrie Fox for a conversation on the role and power of social impact communications on the cusp of the release of her book, “More Than Words: Communications Practices for Courageous Leaders.” Our thanks to the University for offering the event to us to share with you.

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Your Invitation to “More Than Words” • An Audio Preview with Carrie Fox

May 11, 2023

This week, we offer a preview of Carrie’s new book, an excerpt from chapter one, and an invitation to explore what it means to use communication to drive change in the world.

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Stories that Shape Us with Nicole Lynn Lewis

May 4, 2023

Nicole Lynn Lewis joins Carrie this week to share her story, the story of a pregnant girl, and how that story went on to create a movement.

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Stories for Environmental Justice with Shilpi Chhotray

April 27, 2023

Shilpi Chhotray is the co-founder and executive director of People over Plastic. This week, she joins Carrie to share a story of waste colonization, social divides, and the work her team is doing to lift the intersectional stories of environmental racism.

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Wired for Story with Lisa Cron

April 20, 2023

Lisa Cron is a story coach, a teacher, a speaker, a former literary agent, and the author of many books, including “Wired for Story,” “Story Genius,” and most recently “Story or Die: how to use brain science to engage, persuade, and change minds in business and in life.” She joins Carrie this week to unpack the unparalleled power of story.

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Why Curiosity Will Save Us All with Jennifer Brandel

April 13, 2023

Jennifer Brandel is a co-founder of Hearken, which she’ll talk about extensively today, but she’s also behind Zebra’s Unite, Civic Exchange Chicago, Democracy SOS and WBEZ Chicago’s Curious City. She joins Carrie Fox for a conversation on approaching the most challenging problems with an open and curious perspective.

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Digging Deeper on DEI with Art Taylor

April 6, 2023

So much of the success of any of our DEI work is rooted in our ability to communicate vision through metaphor. It is, after all, a metaphor that connects to emotion, to our human ability to find empathy and build affinity between us. Vision, often, starts with a metaphor built with the heart in mind. …

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Land the Plane • Finding the Words

March 30, 2023

In flying, the takeoff and the landing are critical to success. Everything in between is coasting. It matters in the sky, and it matters in our speech. In this week’s Finding the Words, Carrie Fox explores how landing the plane helps her, and the Mission Partners team, when it counts. This is week 4, in…

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Poetry for Public Health with Tyler Meier

March 23, 2023

Tyler Meier is the director of the University of Arizona Poetry Center and the co-editor of Dear Vaccine: A Global Vaccine Poem, a project that invited anyone to share experiences of the pandemic and vaccination through poetry.  What business poetry, you might ask? Because poetry, as Tyler says it, is marching away at the atomic…

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