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May 21, 2020

We don’t know what kind of internet user you are, but if you’ve found this page, you’re the kind we like to see. Not many people like to peruse by date so we hope you get every bite out of your results.

Marvel Movie Minute

IH049: The Storm Breaks!

In minute forty-nine of The Incredible Hulk, Kyle and Rob reminisce about the birth of their children. We also find out that Kyle’s wife hates the tight tuck. Somehow we transition into all hell breaking loose where we learn Bruce runs really fast. Oh, and it’s all Betty’s fault. Plus another deleted scene!

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The Next Reel Film Podcast

The Birdcage

When Mike Nichols and Elaine May teamed up again for the first time in over thirty years, it was to adapt Francis Veber’s most famous and celebrated works, the 1978 film la Cage aux Folles. Veber’s films had been remade in English before – in fact, he’d directed a number of them – but this one was the big one so it needed to be big.

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Adventures in Babysitting (1987)

It’s the podcast where a filmmaker and a comedian adventure through the mean streets of the 80s movies we THINK we love with modern eyes. This is Adventures in Babysitting, a movie selection from 1987.

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