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We’ve been making podcasts since 2006. In that time, we’ve had just one thing in our sights: create the shows that a dedicated group of people find entertaining, educational, insightful, and fun. We’ve never been on the hunt for the biggest audience. We’re on the hunt for the best audience, for the community of listeners who find joy in building that relationship right along with us.

Becoming a supporting member of a podcast here on TruStory FM is the single best way to help ensure a long, vibrant future for the hosts who create them. We simply could not do this without you.

Some of our shows provide bonus content for members. This content may include: 

  • Periodic BONUS EPISODES 
  • EARLY ACCESS to episodes
  • In-episode BONUS CONTENT
  • Random STICKERS in the mail
  • AD-FREE VERSIONS of select episodes
  • Access to EXCLUSIVE CHANNELS in our Discord community
  • The satisfaction of directly supporting THE PODCASTS YOU LOVE

Support our Podcast Bundles

One membership subscription gets you access to member content to several shows at once!

The Next Reel Family of Film Podcasts

Support the podcasts of The Next Reel and be a part of a wide spectrum of film commentary and exploration.

Ox and Hare

Support the podcasts of Ox and Hare for original audio drama and exploration of the creative process.

The Ethical Panda

Be one with your inner fan by supporting the Ethical Panda. These shows approach science fiction and fantasy from perspectives you would never expect!

Banana For Scale

Whenever you think of two chuckleheads going on tangents or bad puns or excessive, exhaustive, obscene amounts of research into questions you never thought to ask, think: Banana for Scale with Lester Ryan Clark and Kynan Dias—show your support today!

Support Individual Shows

Support these shows and share your appreciation for individual podcasters and duos and the teams that make these shows a reality.

The Adrian Moment

Support lifelong friends and film fanatics Ocean Murff and Jim Pullen as they go deep into the psychology, storytelling, and raw emotional power of the greatest sports movies ever made.

All The Feelings • The Sins & Virtues

Season 9 of the sometimes-funny podcast about being human tackles the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

Gank That Drank!

Keep up with the Winchesters and support this long-running drinking game podcast celebrating the show, “Supernatural!”

Make Me A Nerd

Support Mandy Kaplan and the Make Me A Nerd team in their effort to explore fandoms and find new things to love.

Marvel Movie Minute

Enjoy the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe—one minute at a time!

the Most Excellent 80s Movies Podcast

Krissy and Nathan take a walk down memory lane with the great movies of the 80s!

Taking Control: The ADHD Podcast

Support Nikki & Pete as they explore ADHD with one of the internet’s longest-running ADHD shows!


What’s this all about? How do you manage your membership? It’s all here!

What if I want members-only content from more than one podcast?

Each podcast membership is its own individual plan. If you want bonus content from several shows, for example both Star Wars Generations and All the Feelings, you’ll need a separate subscription to both shows.

You can cancel anytime by logging into Memberful and disabling auto-renew on your plan. Since payments are made in advance, there are no refunds for partial subscription periods. But don’t worry, you’ll continue to have full access until the end of your current billing cycle.

To switch plans, first log into Memberful and turn off auto-renew on your current plan. Then sign up for the new plan you want. You’ll have access to both plans until the current billing cycle ends.

Discord gives you access to our podcast community with public and member-only chat channels where you can interact with hosts, get behind-the-scenes info, and connect with other fans. Be sure to link your Memberful and Discord accounts to get access to all member perks there.

Benefits may vary between shows based on what each podcast offers its members. Check individual podcast pages for details on bonus episodes, ad-free listening, etc.

Sometimes shows come to an end. It’s a bittersweet reality but one we all accept as the world changes around us. To that end, we don’t delete any member episodes or bonus content that was originally delivered with each subscription so you will find the complete archive in your member feed when you subscribe to the best of our ability to maintain it. 

For example, The Next Reel Family of Film Podcasts has had a number of shows that have come and gone in the last 15 years. Browsing the member feed you’ll find entire podcasts available to you!

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