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July 7, 2021

We don’t know what kind of internet user you are, but if you’ve found this page, you’re the kind we like to see. Not many people like to peruse by date so we hope you get every bite out of your results.

Trailer Rewind

The Endless

Tommy joins JJ and Steve in a discussion of The Endless, the story of two brothers that have escaped from a weird death cult. Is it a cult, or just a commune of people that like being off the grid? Is this a horror film or a sci-fi film? Can it be both?

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Marvel Movie Minute

IM2083: Lose the Shrubbery? Not the SHRUBBERY!

We’re going into wireframe mode. Tony removes some layers of dad’s fair model and gets to the juicy, sciencey center: a new element. We have some quibbles with Howard’s strategy vis a vis hiding incredible discoveries in very, very plain sight. Even JFav agrees with us: don’t think about the plan too much. But, it LOOKS incredible and that, as it turns out, matters.

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