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Scrooged (1988)

Cue the holiday spirit because Krissy and Nathan are putting on their Santa hats to rewatch the 1988 slapstick comedy Scrooged, starring good ol’ Bill Murray as a meanie-bo-beanie executive in need of some Christmas magic. Will the Ghost of Christmas Past take back their nostalgia goggles by the final bell? DING DING! Let’s find out!

★ Turns out Billy’s bonkers improv style made for one too many mistle-wrong moments as the villainous Frank Cross
★ While they jingled the ghosts’ bells at first, each creepy Christmas spirit started to lose their magic

★ This snowball got rolling as a madcap comedy but slowly melted into a confusing lump of drama and darkness
★ Not a ha-ha-ho-ho in sight as our hosts question Donner’s directing decisions! Bah humbug!
★ On the mouse antler scale, watch out, rodents cause Krissy and Nathan give it an average 6 out of 10

A few other notes…

🎄 Should THIS really be considered a Christmas movie or just Christmas-adjacent? Discuss!
🎄 The cinematography got their filmmaking bells ringing for all the wrong reasons!
🎄 Speaking of wrongs, Carol Kane plays one naughty Christmas fairy!
🎄 Sprinkle in some magic movie recommendations for a very merry binge watch!

While their expectations rode in on Santa’s sleigh, Krissy and Nathan found Scrooged’s bag of gifts just full of coal! 👎 But don’t let the ghosts of podcasts past stop you from listening in on all the festive discussions and deciding for yourself! Just leave the fruitcake at home! 🎁🎄

It’s the podcast where a filmmaker (Nathan Blackwell of Squishy Studios) and a comedian (Krissy Lenz of Neighborhood Comedy Theatre) take a hilarious look at the 80s movies we think we love or might have missed with modern eyes and probably a significant haze of nostalgia.
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