A Bad Moon Rising

During the hot humid days of summer when you’re trying to avoid the mansquitos, you might take a trip down to the shore to cool off in the ocean. Before you leave, check the forecast to make sure a sharknado isn’t in the forecast. It’s a crazy world and who can you count on to protect you? Why none other than 

Will WolfCop be this year’s Sharknado? Only time will tell. And with the assumed stellar success of WolfCop, we can hopefully look forward to addition films in the WolfCop franchise.

Why WolfCop and why now? Werewolf films grew in popularity during the 1980’s, and with the exception of the Underworld franchise, and a few other unsuccessful werewolf films,  we haven’t  seen a successful and popular werewolf film in decades.

Sure, there is the Teen Wolf TV series on MTV, but we are currently experiencing a shortage of werewolf films of the quality we saw in the 80’s: The Howling (1981), An American Werewolf in London (1981), and Teen Wolf (1985). 

The coming release of WolfCop is a possible sign that we are moving past vampires and zombies and seeing the first of a resurgence in werewolf films.

You might be wondering why we’re giving WolfCop so much attention.  That’s a very good question. You’ll have to listen to the upcoming review of An American Werewolf in London in our Films of 1981 series to see what it takes to make a classic werewolf film.

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