Four Great Films from Sedona

This past weekend, my wife and I went up to the Sedona International Film Festival, one of the great film fests we have here in Arizona.  We ended up seeing four great films that all deserve larger audiences — two documentaries and two narrative films.  Check out the trailers below.

Shenandoah – this is a documentary covering the story from the town of the same name in Pennsylvania where a group of high school football players beat up and killed an illegal immigrant.  It’s a heartbreaking story to watch, but one that is essential in seeing how our country is still a ways away from dealing with race issues.

Any Day Now – Another heartbreaking story of a gay couple in the 70s who fights to adopt a mentally challenged kid, only to be confronted by a court system judging them for who they are and not thinking about what’s best for the child.  Starring Alan Cumming and Garret Dillahunt.

Go Ganges! – This is a fun and funny travelogue film chronicling two friends travel the length of the Ganges river in India.  From the glacier in the Himalayas where it starts all the way down to where it runs into the ocean, it’s an eye-opening journey where you see their struggles in a foreign country and in the most polluted – yet held as holy – river in the world.

Red Dog – a great family film about a great dog.  This Australian film is actually already on Netflix streaming over here, so watch the trailer then go watch the movie!