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Full Trailer for “Upstream Color”

Each time I see something pitching Shane Carruth’s new film, I’m more intrigued, and less sure why. The full trailer went live today and — true to form — looks fascinating. Am I the only one stoked for this flick to be a smash at Sundance next week? Looks like his distribution angle is set to put it in our hands outside the majors, too: 

He’s putting the film out himself, booking it in New York at the IFC Center on April 5th, then expanding theatrically to LA, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago and other big markets.

Around that time he’ll also have a digital distribution option, which will lead to Blu-Ray/DVD. You know, the standard Magnolia/IFC style release, but instead of being spearheaded by a distribution company, Carruth is doing it via his own company, erbp.

Check out the trailer below and share your thoughts!

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