The 2015 Pony Prize Is Announced!

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to pick our Pony Prize winner! If you’re unaware, the Pony Prize is the BIG annual prize awarded to one of our winners from the weekly Instagram challenge. We’ll be announcing the winner during the last episode of the year – our Christmas episode in which we discuss “Gremlins,” as well as a runner up. 

But while you wait to see who wins, we figured it’s time we divulged the prizes! The winner of the 2015 Pony Prize will receive:

  1. In the spirit of our first series of the year about Sir Alec Guinness, a mini Eiffel Tower purchased in the shop on the Eiffel Tower itself
  2. A Criterion Collection baggu bag because The Criterion Collection is awesome
  3. Some Mad Max: Fury Road temporary tattoos
  4. A Star Trek Spock action figure because… well, no reason really other than it’s cool and to reminisce about the great actor Leonard Nimoy, who we lost this past year
  5. A package from Shout Factory, including:
    1. Escape From New York Collector’s Edition Blu-ray
    2. The Editor Blu-ray
    3. Mad Max Collector’s Edition Blu-ray
    4. Shout Factory coasters
    5. The Editor movie poster
    6. Army of Darkness movie poster
    7. Scream Factory magnet set
  6. Listener’s Choice episode
  7. A package of hand-selected DVDs in the genre of his/her choice picked by none other than our own Film Board member Tommy Handsome
  8. A donation of $100 made in his/her name to the Film Foundation
  9. A set of original Star Wars Return of the Jedi comics provided by Film Board member Justin Jaeger
  10. Ask Martin! question answered by Martin Stephens, child actor in ‘The Innocents’ and ‘Village of the Damned’
  11. First edition copy of The Martian by Andrew Weir, provided by Film Board member Steve Sarmento
  12. A 2015 TNR shirt
  13. A set of old super–8 film reels
  14. The Limited Edition Batcan Batman soundtrack
  15. A copy of Into Thin Air by John Krakauer, the better book about the Everest disaster
  16. A Blu-ray copy of the movie picked as the winning entry for the contest
  17. And, of course, a pony of some sort

The runner up will receive:

  1. Some Mad Max: Fury Road temporary tattoos
  2. A package from Shout Factory, including:
    1. Scream Factory magnet set
    2. A pair of movie posters for ‘Tales From the Crypt Presents’

Tune in to the ‘Gremlins’ episode to hear who won! Merry Christmas!