The Hobbit: Your HFR 3d Pre-work

We’ve been talking about it for months now. Seeing The Hobbit won’t be just like seeing any other film. With five different visual formats of the film in circulation, we have some pre-work that will help get you prepped. We’ve already posted the list of 48-fps theaters, but if that had you baffled, check out these videos for more background.

The first is the May 2012 production diary from the set of The Hobbit. Of note, they cover how the film was actually photographed using the raft of RED Epic cameras on a supremely clever mirrored mount. The considerations for this high frame rate 5k production in terms of costuming, coloring, and production design are vast. 

The second comes from IndyMogul and provides a terrific explanation of HFR and 3d visual formats that are coming our way with this film. Bizarrely, one of the 19 HFR IMAX 3D displays available in the world happens to be right here in Portland, so I’ll be blitzing my brain on big screen Bilbo with the best this weekend. Who’s in?