The unexpected joy of discovering The History of Future Folk

I recently watched a movie I was expecting to be underwhelmed by and then surprised that I really enjoyed it and would likely watch it again. I feel like my experience watching was more enjoyable than watching a better film that I was expecting to be good. I had forgotten how much fun discovering a surprise can be.

With so much media noise around its hard to be in the dark about a movie like I was with The History of Future Folk. Other than the fact that this was Andy’s trailer pick back in May 2013, I didn’t know anything about it.

On the surface, The History of Future Folk is the story of General Trius from the planet Hondo and his attempts to protect the planet he has come to love. Even though he was sent here as the initial phase of a colonization effort, he heard something they don’t have on Hondo, music. An assassin, Kevin, is sent and the rest is history.

What I did not know is that this history is the backstory of the previously existing musical comedy duo Future Folk. Throughout the film we are treated to song performances by General Trius, and later Trius and Kevin, at a tiny neighborhood bar. The songs are fun, folksy, science fiction songs. You may be surprised to find yourself chuckling at the lyrics of “I Cannot Breathe In Your Atmosphere” or tapping your foot along to “Space Worms”.

Since this film is based on a musical comedy duo, the one thing that surprised me was that the film, while filled with funny moments, does not become a silly film. Directors John Mitchell and Jeremy Kipp Walker present a film where everything is played straight and earnest. There are no comic caricatures in this film. I don’t want to say much more for fear of ruining your ability to discover this gem.

You’ll only spend 86 minutes watching The History of Future Folk, but you’ll be glad you did.


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