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Maintaining a Human Touch: Amanda Malone • Career Conversations • Episode 113

Maintaining a Human Touch: Amanda Malone

Amanda Malone, director of budget and HR at Auburn University, shares insightful perspectives from her long career in higher education administration and accounting. With experience spanning over 15 years at Auburn, Amanda provides unique insight on leading change initiatives, supporting faculty, and maintaining work-life balance.

Key Points:

  • Believes in collaborating with stakeholders during change
  • Values gathering information by observing leaders
  • Says be fully present and keep a “human touch”
  • Encourages embracing new opportunities regularly
  • Advises clearly setting expectations you can meet
  • Passionate about supporting faculty research
  • Views higher ed through an accounting lens
  • Committed to continual formal and informal learning

Amanda’s career demonstrates an admirable commitment to continual learning while compassionately leading change. Her story highlights the importance of collaboration, presence, balance, and maintaining a “human touch” in higher education leadership. Amanda encourages staying grounded personally and professionally while also embracing new opportunities.


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