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Your Voice Matters: Adrian Petway • Career Conversations • Episode 116

Your Voice Matters: Adrian Petway

In this enlightening episode of NACUBO’s Career Conversations podcast, host Christine Simone sits down with Adrian Petway, associate vice president for budget and finance at Virginia State University in Petersburg, Virginia. Petway shares her passion for higher education and her journey from an accounts receivable specialist to her current leadership role.

Key themes and takeaways:
• Her love for the mission of higher education and being a lifelong learner
• The importance of supporting the core mission of instruction, research, and public service as a finance professional in higher ed
• Teaching economics and incorporating real-life projects to prepare students for the future
• The impact of the enrollment cliff on all universities and the need for effective enrollment and retention strategies
• Leveraging resources like NACUBO’s professional development opportunities and the value of building a strong network
• Finding work-life balance and prioritizing mental and physical well-being, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic
• The power of mentorship and the importance of speaking up and realizing that your voice matters

Petway’s insights serve as a valuable reminder that passion, continuous learning, and a strong support system are key to a successful and fulfilling career in higher education administration.

Thank you for tuning in to Career Conversations. NACUBO will be back with season two of this show in September.


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