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Boise State CBO Stacy Pearson Shares Tools to Lead through Complexity and Build for the Future

Boise State Vice President of Finance and Administration Stacy Pearson brings robust experience from her career to her role in higher education. Boise State’s growth is the result of smart leadership across the institution, according to Pearson, and this has prepared them to be more nimble, able to face whatever economic, social, and political challenges lay ahead. Most important, Pearson shares her valued perspective on the role of the CBO as a rewarding career for future finance leaders to enter with intention. “A lot of students say, ‘no, I really hadn’t thought of higher ed as a career,’ so I think we could do a better job of attracting people early in their careers to higher education. I find it to be such a satisfying career… There’s still a lot to learn!” Join us for a conversation with another progressive and inspirational leader!

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