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CUNY Queensboro CBO Sherri Newcomb on Leading — and Working — with your Heart in the Right Place

Sherri Newcomb serves as Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the Queensboro Campus of the City University of New York. This week on the show, Newcomb joins Megan Strand for a conversation on the pressures forcing institutions to adapt quickly in very short order.

“It’s an elaborate process to change curriculum, for example, to introduce new programs and sunset old programs,” she says. “There decades invested in the way things operate now, there are lots of constraints around scheduling and faculty resources … sometimes you have to wait for a crisis in order to capitalize on that crisis.”

Join us this week for a conversation with Sherri Newcomb as she takes us through her efforts to promote a culture of experimentation and good faith, learn from mistakes, and build a diverse culture across the campus.

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