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The Power of Direct Engagement with Ithaca College CBO Gerald Hector

This week, our CBO brings his global finance experience to Ithaca College. Gerald Hector hails from Kingston, Jamaica, originally a college athlete, serving non-profits through his first corporate role at Deloitte & Touche. His experience there lifted his profile, leading to an invitation to join the higher education community. It’s a fascinating conversation this week as Hector shares his insights from a 13-year career as a business officer. He believes that the pace of higher ed is not slow, rather purposeful, which leads to more deliberate debate in engaging students and changing lives. According to Hector, the role of the business officer has changed, broadening in scope and scale, and the skills required to navigate the role are many. Join us this week for a discussion around the key skills and experience required, but more importantly the willingness to engage directly with students to grow and evolve the community.

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