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Lakeland CC CBO Michael Mayher Shares the Culture of Community and Emotional Intelligence in Finance Leadership

Michael Mayher came to Lakeland Community College by way of big accounting. After weathering the whims of mergers and downsizing, he networked his way into business services and fell for it completely. Fifteen years later, he serves as executive vice president for administrative services and treasurer, and loves the CBO job today every bit as much as the day he started. “I love being a CBO. I mean, I’m serious,” he says. “I love challenges and this job is all about challenges.”

His biggest surprise in moving from corporate to campus? How collaborative institutions are. “We may compete for the same student but at least where I am we’re very collaborative in many efforts and try to work together on things. It’s a huge difference culturally.”

This week on the show, learn what keeps a seasoned CBO up at night, the kinds of challenges that fuel and inspire the work, and discover a key tool that will help you better understand yourself, and therein help you better communicate and work with others.

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