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U. Mass Lowell CBO Joanne Yestramski Leads Through Teamwork, Courage, and Persistence

Joanne Yestramski hasn’t always been in higher ed, and it’s that long road away from the field that led her back to her role at her alma mater, vice chancellor of finance and operations at U. Mass Lowell.

“I couldn’t believe my fortune,” she says, “to be able to come back and serve my alma mater in this very special time in the institution’s success story.”

For Yestramski, the decision to transition out of the private sector hinged on the mission. “There’s much more of a short term planning cycle. When’s the next merger, when’s the next opportunity to liquidate your shares,” she says. “In higher ed has this wonderful mission and a time frame in perpetuity… a very long term view of strategic planning and an opportunity to give back like I want to give back as a person in my career — versus making other people wealthy.”

This week on CBO Speaks, learn how Yestramski navigates governance and board relationships on a strong leadership team. Hear her perspective on making a contribution to a legacy institution through focus on the strategic plan. Finally, hear her inspirational perspective of managing her people through teamwork, courage, and persistence.

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