The Curiosity Codex

Chapter 11: A Certain Guilelessness

May 18, 2022

We’ve reached the next step in movie production: the who and the where. In today’s chat, Mandy Fabian tells us about the hunt for the perfect location. Plus, we’ll talk about the unusual process of casting a movie during a pandemic.

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Chapter 10: Hell Or High Water Time

May 11, 2022

Making a movie is tough, but getting a movie made is even harder. In today’s chapter, Mandy Fabian will discuss navigating the ups and downs of the Hollywood system to get a movie made. (Don’t worry, this one’s got a happy ending.)

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Chapter 9: Who Let Me Out Of The House?

May 4, 2022

Chapter 9 is all about the written word. Mandy Fabian and I take a pause on our linear journey to discuss the written word. We’ll discuss our writing processes, our feelings about outlines, what to do with strange ideas that drop into your brain and how to take your family drama and make a movie out of it.

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Chapter 8: Get Cool And Start Working

April 27, 2022

Chapter 8 takes us into the realm of the shadow! That is, Mandy Fabian and I will discuss shadow directing, where the job is to listen and learn and disappear when the show runner shows up. Plus, we’ll talk the differences with directing in different mediums

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Chapter 7: You Get a Chair When You Do a Feature

April 20, 2022

Chapter 7 will take you on a whirlwind tour, as Mandy Fabian discusses taking her short film on the film festival circuit. We’ll also talk about the weird world of networking, facing an ambivalent audience and when do you know it’s time to come home. But first, is there a downside to binge watching?

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Chapter 6: The First Time I Was Ever Wrong

April 13, 2022

Chapter 6 of my chat with Mandy Fabian follows her first short film from idea to editing. Along the way, we’ll discuss working with experienced actors when it’s your first time in the big chair, the blessings of AD’s and editors and the worst direction she’s ever given.

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Chapter 5: The Dream Of An Idea

April 6, 2022

Chapter Five of my conversation with Mandy Fabian takes us into the hallowed halls of 30 Rockefeller Plaza. Then we’re back into the word mines to discuss dialogue, adapting existing properties and creating a series for the web using stars from TV.

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Chapter 4: Mansion Food

March 30, 2022

In Chapter Four of my chat with Mandy Fabian, we’ll make the rounds as she tells us what a Hollywood party is like from the inside. Then we’ll talk about writing including spec scripts, co-writing and the dreaded note process.

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Chapter 3: Freedom From The Need

March 23, 2022

Chapter 3 of my chat with Mandy Fabian takes us from pilot season through video game VO sessions all the way to being the voice of daytime TV.

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Chapter 2: The Dharma Of Dominoes

March 16, 2022

The Curiosity Conversation with Mandy Fabian continues, as she tells me about her time in New York City as a struggling actress.

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